Visual identity

Art direction // Establiment de les pautes generals del projecte gràfic i del disseny del logotip i de la imatge corporativa que definiran la marca.

Corporate identity // Logo design. // Business stationery design; business cards, envelopes, letters, documents, invoices, folders, etc. Sempre en coherència amb la identitat corporativa definida. // Product brochures design and corporate flyers design. // Promotional merchandise design: T-shirts, bags, pens, USB sticks and material specific to each sector.

Communication // Advertising materials design for the promotion brand for printed or digital media; newspaper ads, posters, postcards (leaflets, brochures, etc.), mailings, etc.

Packaging and labeling // Packaging design and corporate promotional point of sale. // Disseny d’etiquetatge interior i exterior de producte ja sigui de caràcter tècnic, corporatiu o comercial.

Signage of interior and exterior spaces, shops, industries and offices. // Design banners, backlit panels, signage stands for fairs.

Final artwork // Final artwork for the optimal document impression. // Management impression.

Photography and illustration // Product photography and photo retouching. // Illustration and drawing to communicate the idea.

Verbal identity

Naming // Brand name creation. // Definition of values, the target and the market where you define the brand.

Copywriting // Copywriting and content for technical or corporate advertising for printed or digital media. // Copywriting for social networks and blogs.

Slogans and taglines creation // Corporate slogans and advertising campaigns creation. // Taglines creation to define brand.

Proofreading. // Proofreading corporate, advertising and technicians texts.


Web design // Web design and implementation by WordPress. // Information architecture. // Usability. // Responsive web design (adapted to tablets and mobile devices). // Social networks and blogs.

SEO // Search engine optimization.

Emailing design // Design and implementation of corporate, promotional or information emailings.

Social network and blogs // Management social networks and blogs.

Static and animated banners design. // Banners and footers design with GIF or Flash software.

Recent works